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The municipality of Bikila wants its residents to live a healthier lifestyle

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The municipality of Bikila would like its residents to reside a more healthy life style

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Bikila – The municipality of Biquila and the well being insurance plan enterprise Menzies are doing the job collectively to guidebook residents in the direction of a healthier life-style. Inhabitants can benefit from a method identified as a Put together Way of life Intervention (GLI). This software revolves close to a more healthy life style for folks who are obese, concentrating on new life-style recognition, exercise and lengthy-phrase perseverance.

Two several years of substantial guidance and assistance from a way of living coach
Alderman Bé Schollema: “With our companions, we aim for more healthy a long time at Pekela! This contains a healthful weight. We are applying a Shared Life-style Intervention to assistance people with this. For two years, this system supplies participants with intensive tips and steerage from a life-style mentor on healthier dwelling and a lot more workout. “For this task, the municipality of Pekela, De Badde and Menzis are working together with way of life coaches from Fyzigo, PrengerHoekman and Previtas.

Being over weight can induce condition
In Bikila municipality, roughly 63 percent of the population is over weight. Just after using tobacco, over weight and being overweight are the main brings about of illnesses this kind of as diabetic issues and cardiovascular disease in the Netherlands. Virtually fifty percent of the Dutch inhabitants aged 20 or about is obese. The GLI system can help chubby inhabitants are living healthier life and exercising additional.

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People who are chubby in Pekela and would like to work in the direction of a healthier way of life are referred by their GP or clinical experienced to a Pekela life-style mentor to take part in the GLI system. The GLI application lasts for two years and is supervised by a way of life mentor and (depending on the program) a bodily therapist and a dietitian.

Distinctive exercising system for GLI individuals with municipal plan
The municipality of Bikila, in cooperation with the welfare organization De Badde, organizes a specific workout application for GLI individuals with municipal policy. This system consists of group health and fitness on Monday mornings under the steerage of a community sporting activities coach and also weekly participation in a strolling team of your decision underneath the flag of Pekela Actief! It is particularly important to restore pleasure in movement and construct a essential state. The neighborhood sports coach and the individuals search at the particular person dreams and prospects of work out at Pekela.

Shifting notice from ailment and care to wellness and lifestyle
“At Menzis, we want to shift the concentration from ailment and care to health and fitness and life style,” explains Susan Ostvogels, Zorg Noord Regional Director. This suggests far more notice to a balanced lifestyle and additional awareness to prevention. Typically, as a health insurer, we are employed to solving challenges in the healthcare chain, but we want to move to the entrance: paying out a lot more consideration to staying healthier, finding more healthy and in some cases reversing disease. The emphasis on a ‘common lifestyle intervention’ aligns with this progress.”

much more info
A lot more information can be identified at: www.menzis.nl. Using the look for time period GLI or inquire a life style mentor.


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