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8 Benefits of Palm Oil for Health, Prevent Brain Disease

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8 Benefits of Palm Oil for Health, Prevent Brain Disease

Palm oil is one of the oils used for cooking. Apart from cooking, it turns out that there are many health benefits of palm oil. However, the dangers of consuming too much are also there.
Palm oil contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Beta carotene, unsaturated fats and antioxidants that are good for the body. Palm oil is also commonly used as an ingredient in cosmetics, soap, toothpaste, wax, lubricants, and ink. So, do not be surprised if the benefits palm oil are so diverse.

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil, reaching 43 million tons per year. Of course, it is easy to find this palm oil product in the market. The selling price is also quite affordable. So, the benefits of palm oil are easy to feel for anyone.

Benefits of Palm Oil

Increase energy

Energy can indeed be obtained from staple foods. Corn, rice, sweet potatoes and fat are reserved in the body. Including palm oil with good fat content. These good fats will act as a source of reserve energy for the body.
1 tablespoon of palm oil contains 120 kcal of energy and (13.6 g) of fat. In addition to good fats, beta carotene in palm oil can also restore energy. Even able to maintain the balance of hormones in the human body.

Maintain eye health

Palm oil can maintain eye health. This is due to the beta carotene in palm oil. Beta carotene will act as an antioxidant. This will help prevent the entry of free radicals.
Then the damage to body cells, including cells in the eye can be overcome. Cataract disease can also be recovered by consuming this palm oil.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

Palm oil is healthy has high levels of good cholesterol (HDL). According to research in the American Journal of Health Nutrition, the amount of HDL and LDL in this oil is still safe. Including still safe for the heart and blood vessels. As long as it’s not used excessively.

Reduce the risk of chronic disease

Palm oil can reduce the risk of chronic disease. This is due to the content of vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols). Vitamin E is a type of vitamin A. Both are antioxidants that can reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Meanwhile, tocopherol plays a role in preventing cell mutations that will become cancer cells. The content of antioxidants in tocopherol is quite high. No wonder tocopherol can inhibit cell damage.

According to research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), tocotrienols can protect the nerves in the brain. So, it can reduce the risk of stroke. In addition, tocotrienols can facilitate blood flow in the brain. So that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (senility) can be avoided.

Healthy skin

Palm oil is commonly used as soap, shampoo and cosmetics. This is because palm oil is effective in removing oil and dirt on the skin. In addition, palm oil is also able to moisturize the skin. The content of tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E) can also prevent premature ageing. Makes skin smoother and firmer.

Boost immunity

Having a good and healthy immune system is immune to various kinds of diseases or viruses. Luckily, palm oil can increase endurance. This is due to the content of vitamins A, D, and E. These vitamins play a very important role in increasing the resistance of the human body.

Prevent brain disease

The human brain also needs care and attention. One of them by providing the necessary nutrients. The goal is that the brain is not susceptible to dangerous diseases. One effort that can be done, is by consuming palm oil.

Prevent stroke

The content in palm oil does not clog blood vessels and does not cause spots. However, on the contrary, this oil can lower cholesterol levels. It can even prevent stroke. This is due to the good fat content in the oil.

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