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Best CBD Cartridge: 5 Top CBD Stores For Vape Pen CBD Carts| Buy CBD Vape Juice Cartridges In 2022

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Best CBD Cartridge: 5 Top CBD Stores For Vape Pen CBD Carts| Buy CBD Vape Juice Cartridges In 2022

Vaping is an increasingly popular way of consuming CBD. It is no longer news that cannabidiol (CBD) products are gaining popularity daily. Besides being the best means of consuming CBD, it also provides the most variety. It is one of the quickest ways to relieve pain and other symptoms, and when you use a CBD cartridge, more of the CBD enters your system, unlike edibles. In addition, the method is not likely to harm your health the same way as smoking does.

CBD cartridges are an extremely user-friendly product, practical, and a convenient way to take a hit and boost your mood. As its name implies, CBD cartridges use cannabidiol inside the tank, making them different from other vaping products. It has specific medical effects and can be beneficial for relaxing and relieving pain and tension. Additionally, many people have started to open up about using CBD to help various medical conditions. CBD quickly absorbs into the bloodstream and attaches itself to the endocannabinoid system(ECS), allowing you to leverage its relaxing and medical benefits. Additionally, they are convenient and come in several different strains.

On the other hand, certain types of CBD are illegal, especially those that were derived from marijuana or contain more than the legal THC amount. Some companies sell products that may not be safe to use. There are companies that sell CBD cartridges or products that have substandard ingredients or use cheap materials. We are here to guide you as you start your CBD journey and assist you in finding the best CBD cartridges.

Top 5 CBD Stores For Cartridges & Vape Pen

Out of all the online CBD stores in the market, these brands came on top of our list:

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Cartridge On The Market, Editor’s Choice
  2. Cheef Botanicals: Most Potent CBD Carts & Vape Juice
  3. JustCBD: Wide Variety Of CBD Vape Pen & Hemp Products
  4. CBDistillery: Popular Hemp Derived Vape Pen
  5. CBDfx: Best Value CBD Vape Carts

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Cartridge On The Market, Editor’s Choice


Exhale Wellness offers the best CBD cartridges, and they use all-natural ingredients in their product line. This company takes the top spot on our list; they are well-known for their excellent CBD products. The brand’s mission is to enhance people’s lives and make them benefit from the wonders of hemp. With Exhale Wellness’s vast product assortment, you will find the right product if you are a fan of vaping. CBD enthusiasts can enjoy a top-of-the-line vaping experience by using Exhale’s cartridges.

We picked Exhale Wellness since its CBD cartridges are available in various strains. Using CBD offers various health benefits and will meet your needs accordingly. These cartridges are 100{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} natural, and vaping enthusiasts can greatly appreciate their smooth smoke and calming effects. The ingredients are entirely organic, made from non-GMO and preservative-free hemp. This cartridge is perfect if you are new to vaping or do not like intense or natural flavors.


Rewards Program: Exhale Wellness makes sure not to miss an opportunity to spoil its customers, as evidenced by its reward program. The rewards system offers you the chance to earn 1 point for each dollar spent and for performing tasks. In exchange, you can earn rewards and use it for future purchases or get discounts.

Lab Testing and Transparency: Exhale Wellness sends its products for rigorous testing to independent laboratories to prove the quality and potency of its goods. Third-party laboratories test and certify each product to ensure quality, accuracy, potency, and the absence of toxins. You can rest assured that you consume the best vape products available. Moreover, these are certified free from impurities or heavy metals.

Return and Refund Policies: Exhale Wellness offers a 100{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} money-back guarantee for 30 days, with a 15-day grace period. With their risk-free trial offer, you can try their products with more confidence and buy with ease on your next purchase.

Customer Support: If you have any questions about Exhale Wellness’s products or services, their support agents will be glad to help via phone and email. You can talk to an agent without much delay during regular business hours.


  • 100{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} organic
  • Chemical-free ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Testing by third parties assures quality
  • 100{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} money-back guarantee
  • Offers free economy shipping


  • Exchange policy only applies to defective and unused items
  • No dosage chart

=> click here to visit the official website of Exhale wellness

#2. Cheef Botanicals: Most Potent CBD Carts & Vape Juice


Cheef Botanicals offer a wide array of products from CBD to THC. Their products indicate what type of CBD extract and how much cannabinoid it contains. They use the highest quality hemp from local hemp farms to manufacture their cartridges.

There is a low risk to your health from using these CBD cartridges because they come from natural ingredients. In contrast to other CBD cartridges, Cheef Botanicals cartridges do not use VG, PG, or MCT oils. Further, their products are non-GMO, have been third-party tested for purity, and do not contain traces of THC. Therefore, their vape products will not give you a high. The cartridges are available in strains like Sour Diesel and Cactus Cooler. Moreso, you can get 200 mg to 400mg of CBD with each cartridge. It uses a Jupiter Ccell atomizer and is compatible with vape pens that have 510 threads.


Exciting Rewards Program: Cheef Botanicals offers a rewards program to the delight of their customers. You can earn points by completing tasks and making referrals.

Customer Service: Cheef Botanicals has an informative website that is nicely designed and has well-laid product lines. Moreover, the company offers 30-day full refunds on its products and free shipping to most locations in the US. As a reputable company, Cheef Botanicals provides the best service for their customers- tidy packaging, timely shipping, high-quality products, cooperative and knowledgeable customer service.

User Experience: Cheef Botanicals has consistent positive reviews, indicating that most consumers are satisfied with its products. While these carts do not come cheap, they are worth the money. These carts appeared to have helped people with anxiety issues and provided a relaxing vaping experience. The consensus was that the products far exceeded the customer’s expectations. Many find that its cartridges are the most effective method of experiencing the positive effects of CBD.

Customer Support: Cheef Botanicals’s excellent support agents are ready to help you and answer your questions. When contacting the company’s customer support department, you can call, email, or chat directly on the website. Website visitors may consult during regular business hours.


  • Well-chosen terpenes provide great flavor
  • No burning or irritation in the throat while vaping
  • Potency tested in a laboratory
  • Strains are impressive


  • Some carts are not as strong as others
  • Higher-strength cartridges are slightly more expensive

=> click here to visit the official website of Cheef Botanicals

#3. JustCBD: Wide Variety Of CBD Vape Pen & Hemp Products


As one of the industry’s best and most extensive manufacturers of vape products, JustCBD is a renowned Florida-based cannabis brand. It is easy to find many strains of CBD cartridges from JustCBD. A few of their popular strains include Watermelon, Pineapple, Diesel, and Northern Lights – those are just a sample of their extensive strain catalog.

This brand has done everything to satisfy its customers, from exciting hemp strains to excellent extracts and high-quality, all-natural ingredients to laboratory-tested items. The hemp they use is sourced from Oregon. All its products are subject to third-party testing to ensure high safety, efficiency, transparency, and reliability standards. In addition, CBD cartridges made by JustCBD contain natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. Cannabinoids and terpenes in the full-spectrum are present in their vape line and contain less than 0.3{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} delta-9 THC. Hundreds of customers regularly frequent the company’s website because of its wide variety of flavors.


Customer Service: The customer service at JustCBD is pretty good. They are just a call or email if you want more information on an item or have a question regarding their policies. Their packaging is excellent, and they deliver shipments quickly.

Refund Policies: JustCBD guarantees a 100{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} refund on all products within 30 days and a 15-day grace period. When you want to return a product, you will have to pay for shipping, and a company representative will determine whether you are eligible for a refund.

User Experience: The brand’sCBD cartridges are generally well-received by consumers. They are pretty tasty, and the overall experience is excellent. The company’s vape cartridges have even shown promise for relieving stress and anxiety in some patients. Hence, their customer base has generally been satisfied with the product quality and consistency.

Lab Testing and Transparency: Independent laboratories rigorously test JustCBD’s products to ensure they are high-quality and free from toxins. Third-party testing and certification ensure quality, potency, efficacy, and pesticide-free ingredients.


  • Third-party laboratories test their products for quality and purity
  • Products are generally affordable
  • Ingredients in vape products are derived from natural sources
  • Returns are available for 30 days


=> click here to visit the official website of JustCBD

#4. CBDistillery: Popular Hemp Derived Vape Pen


CBDistillery offers a wide variety of high-quality hemp-derived products. It uses only authentic broad-spectrum CBD type to make its vape juice, it is THC-free and contains natural flavors and healthy terpenes.

The carts are also potent, and you can feel relaxed from the first puff. CBDistillery produces vape juice in two forms, and the e-liquid contains 200 mg of CBD juice, which you can use with a 510-threaded vape device. CBDistillery makes sure that all of its goods are tested by independent third parties to ensure their potency and quality. Furthermore, it includes a needle tip to fill cartridges easily and quickly.


Brand Reputation: An essential factor for CBDistillery’s success is its mission for transparency and its avoidance of gimmicks. The recent rebranding of CBDistillery’s website and packaging focuses on educating consumers about CBD and providing clear labeling. There are an overwhelming number of encouraging customer reviews on CBDistillery’s website. In studies and analyses, the brand competes with other CBD retailers online.

Customer Service: CBDistillery has good customer service. For more information, please call or email them during regular business hours. You can also check the website for information about their products and FAQs.

Third-Party Lab Tested: To ensure that CBDistillery provides high-quality products, they use an independent testing facility. However, unlike other brands, the CBDistillery website confidently displays all of its lab test results.

Potency: The potency of the brand’s cartridge is at standard 200 mg per 0.5 ml. It would make a good option for people unfamiliar with CBD. It is easy to use and discrete, the natural flavors and terpenes offer a smooth smoke. Moreover, it comes in various strains so you can choose which to pick depending on your needs.


  • Affordable CBD products
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Product use made easy with discrete, portable containers
  • Variety of pet health products are available
  • Uses United States certified hemp
  • Several five-star reviews
  • Subscribe today and save 20{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d}
  • You can return the product for a refund within 60 days


  • Customers have reported refund issues
  • Does not ship internationally

=> click here to visit the official website of CBDistillery

#5. CBDfx: Best Value CBD Vape Carts


Known for its high-quality vape products, CBDfx is an established brand that is highly rated among consumers new to the vaping world. The PG in these vape pens may not suit everyone, so we want to inform you upfront. Strawberry Lemonade is the most popular flavor due to its sweetness and has over 800 reviews on the website. Each puff is tangy before transitioning to a sweeter taste, and users are left with a pleasant buzz.

It contains 500 mg CBD per 2ml in each cbd vape pen and up to 800 puffs. It has a bigger capacity than the previously reviewed ones, so you can enjoy vaping these carts for a while. These CBD carts come fully assembled, which makes them popular among beginners, besides the great strains they offer. For this reason, you do not have to spend hours online trying to figure out how to use a CBD cartridge if you are just getting started with vaping.


Brand Reputation: CBDfx has been around for six years and has built itself a reputation in the CBD industry. Moreover, CBDfx has received positive reviews on business rating websites over the past years, and its products get high marks for everything from ease of ordering to its delivery process.

Customer Experience: Customer service representatives at CBDfx encourage customers to contact them by phone or email. Regardless of the issue, it is possible to refund unsealed products up to 60 days after purchase.

User Experience: Customers who have used CBDfx’s cartridges are generally satisfied with their experience. Their carts are sleek and user-friendly, making the price worthwhile. Moreover, the carts are affordable. The cartridge has been praised for its solid construction, reliability, and ease of handling by many customers.


  • Consumer-friendly return policy
  • Lab-tested by a third party
  • Discount offers
  • Affordable prices
  • Cruelty-free
  • 60-day guarantee


  • Only US shipping is available

=> click here to visit the official website of CBDfx

How We Made The List For Best CBD Vape Pen Kit?

Several brands offer CBD cartridges on the market and many have outstanding marketing campaigns, but most do not deliver their claims. Picking a brand from a large selection can be difficult, and different brands tend to produce similar products. However, there is no need to worry as we already did all the work and explored the internet for the best CBD cartridges.

After considering a few factors, we successfully narrowed our list to six brands. Moreso, we ranked the brands against our guidelines before finalizing our list:

What We Looked For While Enlisting These CBD Carts?

  • User Experience: We chose products known for their quality and their mouth-watering strains. We looked at user feedback on each brand and checked for medical benefits. Many users have praised these cartridges and claimed to have benefited from their use. Some users have said that vaping CBD cartridges helped relieve anxiety and stress. In addition, we also checked each product’s affordability and if they offer the best value for money.
  • Brand Reputation: It is evident that a brand with more positive customer reviews is the most trustworthy. You would have a better idea of how the brand’s products perform if there were more feedback. As a result, consumers gain trust, which has an enormous and lasting impact on a brand’s image. Hence, we chose brands with clean records and with a background in the CBD industry. It is a plus if they had a team with years of experience in the health sector.
  • Purity: We paid attention to lab results and checked for safety, terpenes, and cannabinoid profiles. Products that contain harmful ingredients could jeopardize your health. So, we made sure to steer clear of brands that do not follow organic farming or eco-friendly extraction methods. Also, we did not include products containing artificial fillers, sweeteners, flavors, or colorings.
  • Customer Service: The website should be informative and easy to navigate. Further, it should provide an effortless and seamless shopping experience. Customers should be able to contact the company’s customer service department quickly. Moreover, we checked if they have various means of communication such as email, phone, or live chat. We chose brands that offer different shipping options to fit customers’ budgets – from overnight delivery to flat shipping charges.
  • Certificate of Analysis: Obtaining a Certificate of Analysis from a third-party lab is essential to make CBD products legal. In addition, third-party lab testing ensures no heavy metals, pesticides, or other dangerous ingredients are present in the product.
  • US-Grown Hemp: To ensure the quality of the CBD product, we checked the source of hemp. Brands that use local hemp have better output than those that import hemp from abroad, since the US have strict standards for hemp farms.

Buying Guide For The Best CBD Cartridge

When choosing CBD cartridges for sale, you must look at a few essential factors. You should select a cartridge with the effectiveness and advantages you desire. Check to make sure the components are readily and conveniently accessible on the package.

You can be assured of the safety of a product when it provides Certificates of Analysis (CoA). Looking at the CoA, you can learn what ingredients they utilize, what manufacturing process they employ, and what amount of THC is present.

You should examine the cartridge’s ingredients to determine which CBD extract it contains. CBD isolate is generally isolated from hemp extract but does not contain the other cannabinoids found in full-spectrum hemp extracts. A full-spectrum extract offers the entourage effect and is combined with different cannabinoids to provide maximum benefits. It is the best choice if you want a holistic outcome. Despite this, most CBD cartridges are made up of isolates since they are typically easier and cheaper to make.

Check third-party lab test reports, ingredient lists, and brand practices to verify the quality of your product. Unlike lab reports, which provide information about efficacy, safety, and potency, labels reveal the number of ingredients. Transparency is always the top priority for any reputable brand, and their website and packages will display this.

In our earlier discussion, we stated that brands that get all their products tested by third-party labs tend to be more reliable. It is a good sign if you can access lab results without asking for them. In addition to examining substances, standards, and pureness, look for contaminants such as pesticides, GMOs, heavy metals, or high levels of delta-9 THC. These independently accredited labs provide unbiased reports that help you make an informed decision.

The process of extracting pure CBD requires time, effort, and money. CBD products are therefore bound to be costly. Most high-quality best cbd vape cartridges are expensive, but some may be pretty affordable. However, beware of substandard products and knockoffs. Ensure that the products you choose are worth the money you spend. The brands we mention in this guide offer reasonably priced products. So, now you know what a good quality product should be in terms of price and quality.

CBD has greater potency than most people are aware of. Since it gets absorbed in the bloodstream, it passes through the liver and is broken down by enzymes to perform its metabolic processes. Hence, it is prone to interact with other drugs if you take regular medication. Before using CBD to aid with any medical condition, consult your doctor.

There are still a lot of products on the market that are suspicious and even dangerous since the FDA does not regulate the CBD industry. Beware of cheap CBD cartridges with ingredients that you cannot look up or have limited information when searching for the best CBD cartridges for sale. We recommend vaping juice or cartridges containing no synthetic ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions On CBD & CBD Vape Pen

Q1.What makes CBD carts better than other CBD products?

CBD vapes allow you to take a hit, but it is better than cigarettes. Moreover, it has health benefits that you cannot find in any other standard vape product. Vaping is a great way to get CBD’s benefits while enjoying the ritual. It is possible to consume CBD easily through vaping, and it is as simple as taking a deep breath. You can inhale it and wait for it to be absorbed into the body via the respiratory system, making it more bioavailable than ingesting CBD.

Q2. How are CBD vape cartridges and pens different?

CBD carts are disposable but more sustainable than pens because you can have the option to reuse your device. In addition, there are disposable vape pens for those who prefer to use them once and then discard them. Lots of brands offer a wide choice of flavors and strengths for CBD vape cartridges- you are sure to find the one that suits you perfectly.

Q3. Are disposable vape carts better?

There are many advantages to using disposable CBD vape pens instead of vaporizers. It is worth noting that every product mentioned in this article is disposable, has an internal coil, and is battery-free. A battery is all the device needs, and then the disposable cartridge must be plugged in, screwed in, or slotted.

There are refillable cartridges available for the pens if you want to reuse them. You have to fill up some cartridges yourself, requiring more effort than you do with the simple and easy disposable cartridges. You may also find that they are a little messier if you are not used to them or do not have steady hands.

Q4. How much CBD should I take when vaping?

As a first step, you should consider what dosage of CBD you need. If you are new to CBD and do not have a tolerance to it, you should probably start with about 10 mg which is about a third of a 1 ml cart. The number of puffs you take depend on your vaping style. Note the amount of fluid you used up and the amount of CBD in the cartridge to estimate the number of puffs left.

Q5. Can I refill the CBD cartridges?

CBD cartridges juice fits into mini vape tanks that contain a coil and wick. CBD cartridges can connect to any 510 threaded battery or vape pen, unlike CBD pods, which require a device. Despite being considered disposable, CBD cartridges can be refilled and used a few times before being disposed of if they consist of high-quality material.

Q6. How do CBD cartridges differ?

Different CBD cartridges differ in ingredients or components, just like there are various types of CBD products like tinctures and gummies. CBD cartridges are available in multiple cbd oil forms, including isolate and full spectrum. You get everything you need in full-spectrum CBD products- all the phytocannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in hemp plants.

The CBD cartridges that contain full-spectrum CBD may also include THC, although, by law, they must be less than 0.3{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} THC. Due to the most significant percentage of hemp compounds present in these products, the most noticeable earthy and grassy taste is in full-spectrum CBD products.

In broad-spectrum CBD products, all cannabinoids are retained, except for THC, which is not present at all.They contain all of the remaining components, including cannabinoids and terpenes.

The CBD concentration in these products is typically the highest, while the flavor is the mildest. Although CBD users believe full-spectrum CBD has the highest level of effectiveness, determining which is best is a highly personal preference because the body can use a wide variety of cannabinoids.

Wrapping On Buying The Best CBD Carts & Vape Pen

Since there are hundreds of cbd vape cartridge brands in the market, you may find it challenging to decide which is right for you. Once you read through each section carefully and have analyzed all the provided information, you should not have any trouble choosing the best CBD cartridge.

To select the correct cartridge for your needs, you should consider the strain, the potency, and the amount of CBD in the cartridge. We mentioned such information under each product review so that you can refer to it without difficulty. We have looked at hundreds of CBD cartridges, but we believe Exhale Wellness has the best overall product. There is a genuinely desirable variety of exciting strains that appeal to people of all tastes. You can use Exhale Wellness’s cartridge to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety; hence it is not surprising that these cbd oil cartridges can help you relax without sacrificing your focus.

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