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Metaverse – The First Virtual Reality (VR) & (AR) Game For The Future

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Metaverse – The First Virtual Reality (VR) & (AR) Game For The Future

Metaverse – The First Virtual Reality (VR) & (AR) Game For The Future

Now Indonesia has a national sports grand design (DBON), which is contained in Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 86 of 2021. DBON is a master plan that contains policy directions for national sports development and development in the scope of educational sports, recreational sports, achievement sports, and sports industry. One of the main goals is to improve the sports culture in society. This means that in the future, people will be more encouraged to actively participate in sports activities in order to have good physical health.

Actually there are many definitions of sport (sport). But almost all definitions connect it with physical activity. The Cambridge Dictionary defines exercise as ‘any type of physical activity that people engage in to maintain health or for pleasure’. While Presidential Decree No. 86 of 2021 defines sport as all systematic activities to encourage, foster, and develop physical, spiritual and social potential.

Physical activity in sports is real, and has a huge impact on the health of the perpetrators, both physically, spiritually and socially. However, today we are faced with the challenge of shifting the concept of sport which is completely different from before. At least in the last decade, the practice of electronic sports (esports) has grown very rapidly. In fact, there are now many esports athletes who are recognized professionally.

Best Esports University

In addition, some foreign universities even have esports majors (undergraduate level), for example at the University of California-Irvine (America), Staffordshire University (UK), Informatics Academy (Singapore) and others. What is learned is not only in terms of technology, but also from aspects of the game system, business management and so on.

Will the concept of virtual sports stop here? Of course not. Esports is only an early form of the concept of virtual sports. Looking ahead, we can imagine how sports activities will be carried out in the world of the metaverse, which is currently being developed by Mark Zuckerberg as a transformation of Facebook. That said, this virtual world will be very similar to our real life and it is possible that there will be a Metaverse University.

Sports Virtual Metaverse, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR)

We can meet, work, play, including exercise, all of which is done by our own avatar. We can choose the brand of sportswear, sports shoes, to the equipment used. Long story short, the metaverse world in its most extreme form, will displace real human life into the world of avatars. Especially if the new generation (alpha gen and below) will actually assume that the metaverse – or similar technology – is their real world. At that time, the concept of sport will completely change. Sport no longer has a physical and social meaning. The ‘laybacks’ will be at the peak of the population.

“Metaverse is a social, gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and digital currency aspect that allows individuals to interact with each other virtually. We can do anything like in the real world, from work in metaverse, business, sports, live music, entertainment and others.”

Metaverse Sports For The Future

As a result, the crisis of physical and mental health will become a big issue for every country. Especially if it is not accompanied by a solution that is equally futuristic. The cure for metaverse ‘addiction’ is unlikely to come from the company that created it. As when we are addicted to playing Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg did not give the antidote at all. The cure for dependence on the charm of technology actually comes from humans themselves, as users. It is not easy, let alone break away from technology designed with a user friendly system, where the user is pampered with various ease of use. Hybrid sports Then what is the solution? First, of course, the most important thing is the wisdom of each human being in using digital technology such as the Metaverse Muhammadiyah.

The second is the formation of new habits, in which future humans must get used to living in the ‘natural world’ at the same time, namely the real world and the virtual world. So far, we are familiar with the term ‘hybrid’, or ‘omni’ (omni channel), which essentially is a method of activity that uses two channels at once. I think this is what we can apply, not ways that substitute for each other, let alone disrupt each other. Everything can be positioned complementary. Likewise in sports. It seems impossible for us to avoid, let alone fight, the phenomenon of virtual sports, and vice versa. Let both of them run according to their respective goals and benefits. The sporting trend of the future is hybrid sports.

This can also be an input for future DBON implementations. Currently the concept is one hundred percent still talking about physical sports. In the future, it is possible that the virtual sports world will become a big trend that forces the government to think about and make relevant related regulations. The concept of sport continues to grow, especially in the context of sport science. Sport can be viewed in various disciplines and dimensions. This is what must be realized, and prepared to continue to make updates in the development of national sports in accordance with the times.

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