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CBD and THC may be safe for use with opioid pain relievers, animal study suggests

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CBD and THC may be safe for use with opioid pain relievers, animal study suggests

Results from a new animal research propose that cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may possibly be secure for use with opioid soreness relievers. Despite the fact that a lot more research are wanted, the outcomes suggest that these compounds could be a minimal-chance way to reduce the dose of opioids necessary to ease ache.


There is extreme desire in utilizing health care marijuana in people with persistent agony because compounds in marijuana like CBD and THC may well develop discomfort relief themselves or greatly enhance the suffering-relieving effects of opioids. This signifies individuals could most likely use decreased doses of opioids and still get relief from pain. Taking significantly less ache medicine could also direct to a lowered possibility of dependancy or actual physical dependence to opioids.”


Lawrence Carey, PhD, postdoctoral fellow, University of Texas Wellness Science Heart, San Antonio


The researchers discovered that CBD and THC do not greatly enhance the satisfying results of opioids. This means that these compounds might not maximize the hazard for habit when used in conjunction with opioids.

Carey will existing the new investigate at the American Culture for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics once-a-year meeting for the duration of the Experimental Biology (EB) 2022 assembly, to be held April 2–5 in Philadelphia.

In the new review, the scientists gave rhesus monkeys the prospect to choose a food reward or an injection of the opioid fentanyl. They then tested no matter if CBD, THC or mixtures made up of the two compounds impacted the number of times monkeys picked fentanyl in excess of foods. They identified that a broad range of doses of CBD or THC both of those on your own or in a combination did not increase or lower the quantity of situations they picked fentanyl.

“Giving the animals the option to decide on amongst a drug injection and a foodstuff reward assisted us to considerably replicate choices a human drug person may encounter, such as no matter whether to expend dollars on medicines or food items,” reported Carey. “Owning the possibility of responding for foods is also handy for finding out prescription drugs like THC that produce sedative results. It can help show the animal is reallocating actions from drug to foodstuff choice rather of simply just shutting down response for a drug due to sedation.”

The scientists are now conducting other studies to evaluate irrespective of whether CBD and THC can decrease signals of opioid withdrawal and relapse.

“A major cause why individuals continue on to consider opioids right after they develop into addicted is the overall look of withdrawal indicators,” mentioned Carey. “We are employing what we learned from this analyze to determine no matter if these doses – which did not change decision for foodstuff or drug benefits – may aid minimize opioid withdrawal or minimize relapse and drug seeking actions pursuing durations of abstinence.”

The researchers warning that opioid use condition is a sophisticated disease and there are many components to contemplate when producing a drug to handle it. Though this examine indicates that THC and CBD do not raise the worthwhile results of opioids, they say that just before implementing these conclusions to folks, it will be vital to identify no matter if these solutions alter other pathological procedures concerned with opioid use and to much better fully grasp any threats that might be connected with their use.

Lawrence Carey will present this investigate from 10 a.m.–12 p.m., Monday, April 4, in Exhibit/Poster Corridor A-B, Pennsylvania Conference Center (Poster Board Number B12) (summary) and 1:431:56 p.m., April 4 in Place 113 A (summary). Contact the media crew for far more info or to obtain a absolutely free press pass to go to the conference.

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