April 13, 2024

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Health Tips Tuesday: managing migraines

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Health Tips Tuesday: managing migraines

(WGGB/WSHM) — The American Migraine Foundation estimates that almost 39 million Americans are dwelling with migraines.

Dr. Oyinkansola Ogundipe, a most important care doctor at Trinity Overall health Of New England, discusses ways to take care of and protect against migraines.

What is the best way to deal with a migraine, and are there any new solutions?

Dr. Ogundipie: “Yes, so there are many approaches to handle a migraine. A single of the issues you can do prior to taking any medication stays in a chilly, dim room, which is 1 of the to start with issues that we propose. But if you want to acquire remedies that are around the counter, I suggest acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen. Once again, with the ensued you have to make sure you really do not have a historical past of kidney ailment due to the fact that could worsen it. In phrases of other points, your doctor could prescribe you atropine. Which are frequently the very best medication for migraines that do not go away with use? In conditions of new treatment options, there are new treatment plans referred to as iv infusion, but it wants your doctor’s acceptance. So, you put it by your veins, and you can get that 4 occasions a 12 months. Which could aid stop you from owning migraines. So there are numerous new treatments and several prescription drugs that if you are getting numerous migraines a yr, or even a month your physician could recommend placing you on treatment to protect against migraines. So, there are factors you provide up, but all over again about the counter, and remaining in a chilly darkish space.

At what position would signs or symptoms be so undesirable that you would motivate a person to seek out health care interest?

Dr. Ogundipe: “The matters that we imagine about when we feel about pink flags in problems are neurological deficits. So, if you are unable to discuss or transfer portion of your system, if your face is numb and you can not come to feel your face, or if there is some paralysis of your facial area. These are some points we phone neurological indicators. Individuals are explanations why you must go to the medical center. We want to make certain you are not getting a stroke for the reason that a stroke would existing much more problems. If you have a headache, then followed up with a seizure, and you really do not have a record of seizures you will need to see a medical doctor correct away. A further concern is acquiring a headache with a fever, but you do not have a cold or neck stiffness. That could be one more indicator to visit the physician. Ultimately, if you are older than 50 and have a new headache, the worst headache of your lifestyle, then that is a issue and you require to search for health care notice.

What is the most effective way to avert a migraine?

Dr. Ogundipe: “Lots of relaxation we recommend getting a fantastic rest at night due to the fact inadequate rest is one of the triggers. So, heaps of relaxation, and if there are any approaches to minimize your psychological pressure indicating you’re in a really stressful career, or your everyday living is stress filled. You could have a higher opportunity of having a migraine. So reducing worry, ingesting loads of drinking water, being hydrated, and that meals so if you are fasting or not having breakfast can trigger head aches. Not obtaining a stability, but those are some strategies to aid reduce migraine head aches.”

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