July 16, 2024

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How to kickstart a healthy lifestyle in the new year

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How to kickstart a healthy lifestyle in the new year
How to kickstart a healthy lifestyle in the new year

With the new year just around the corner, you’re starting up on those unmet resolutions from last year. Indeed, the discipline it takes to prioritize health is challenging. However, the good news is that it is possible and might even be easier than you think. Here are some suggestions on how to kickstart a healthy lifestyle in the new year.

Invest In Yourself

Find other ways to show yourself some love, whether it’s through buying new clothes, getting your hair done, or going on a trip. Be aware of your stress levels so that you can undo some of that tension by treating yourself and staying on track with your goals. You deserve to treat yourself in healthy ways to celebrate your progress.

You will feel more empowered to stick to your goals if you show yourself that you’re willing to invest in your healthy lifestyle. Deciding to spend extra money on gummy vitamins instead of those movie tickets and a large popcorn might feel like a significant shift to you, and it is a change you should be proud of yourself for!

Keep Things Simple

We often ditch our goals because we make them too complicated from the start. Society tells us to be perfectionists, which means we plan our goals as if we were already experts or masters of whatever milestones we are trying to reach.

Instead of jumping from zero to sixty, take a step back and think about organizing your goal for a healthy lifestyle in a simple format. When we choose to keep things simple, the process becomes easier for us to manage.

If your idea of a healthy lifestyle means incorporating self-care, try an hour of relaxation at a spa instead of penciling in an entire weekend of “me” time. If it means losing weight and getting active, stick to one dietary and fitness regime without switching things up constantly. When we know what to count on, it is easier to commit to the process of reaching our health and fitness goals.

Get Enough Sleep

Many of us seem to disregard the importance of sleep. Getting enough sleep regulates our digestive health, improves our mood, and enhances our clarity. With the right outlook, we can do anything!

For the sake of sticking to your healthy lifestyle, take steps to get enough sleep. Use sleep as a tool to preserve a positive mindset as you work to change up habits and improve your lifestyle all year.

Make Healthy Changes More Fun

While some components of getting healthy are not so fun, there are still many ways to make kickstarting a healthy lifestyle enjoyable. If exercise gets you down, complete your workout at an awesome park or bring your friend or lifestyle coach with you to distract you with conversation. Sick of eating veggies? Try marinating them on the grill for a twist.

There are so many easy and immediate ways that you can begin to incorporate a little bit more fun into the healthy changes you’re making. The goal should be to make the changes feel rewarding to you. As you notice changes in how you look and feel, the reward will be more obvious. Until then, create rewards for yourself along the way.

The Bottom Line

Kickstarting a healthy lifestyle is about keeping things simple, integrating fun attributes into your new habits, valuing yourself on an emotional and financial level, and getting enough shut-eye to keep up with your recent changes. Remember that starting a healthy lifestyle is just the beginning and that the end goal is how you stay with it throughout the year.

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