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It’s so merry to be healthy: Experts share tips for healthier holidays

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MANILA, Philippines — More than a year into the pandemic, self-care has become essential for all. The important question is: how does one effectively care for oneself when there are different roles one must do while at home?

Parents put on multiple roles: provider, teacher, caregiver. Children, too, are busy with school and tasks.  

How can they sustain optimal self-care amid these different roles and everyday tasks?

Dietitian-nutritionist Cheshire Que, along with other experts, shared several tips to help address this concern:

1. Make time for movement.


Being physically active and sticking to a routine gives one the benefits of quality sleep, faster metabolism, strong bones, immunity, and a stable mood.

“Look for a virtual home exercise that you enjoy to get you started.  There are tons of options that you can find on YouTube that require a small amount of space with little or no equipment required,” Que advised.

She said to consider activities that build strength and endurance to enhance muscle building, as well as, online functional fitness training with a professional. These activities include bending, twisting, lifting, pushing and squatting.

She addressed those who have episodes of barely being able to hold their urine when laughing or exerting effort and bearing down. Que said these are red flags for having weak pelvic floor muscles.

She advised those who suffer from this, especially women, to do the Kegel exercise on that of the earlier activities. The exercise helps strengthen the pelvic floor or the group of muscles that give the body the proper control over bladder and bowels. This practice  also prevents a condition known as stress incontinence.

“Make sure that the bladder is empty, then sit or lie. Tighten the pelvic floor muscles, hold tight and count three to five seconds. Relax and hold for five seconds. Repeat 10 times. Don’t forget to breathe during the process,” Que explained.

Que said that Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can be an indication of a compromised immune system, especially if it’s recurrent.

“High levels of the stress hormone cortisol will lead to a compromised immune system. When this happens, the consequence would be increased susceptibility to infection from virus, bacteria or fungi,” Que shared.  
This is the reason that she emphasized incorporating activities that can bring a sense of calm and peace of mind that can impact one’s overall health and wellbeing.

“UTI must not be ignored because if left untreated, it will affect other parts of the urinary system including the kidneys. This can cause pyelonephritis or inflammation of the kidneys or worse, permanent damage to it. When bacteria seep into the bloodstream, it can cause blood infection (urosepsis) and this can be fatal,” Que explained.

Meanwhile, Will Smith recently joined the Fitbit family and made his public commitment to improve every aspect of his health and wellness. The legendary rapper and actor is creating and curating a Fitbit Premium-exclusive collection of whole-health guidance. Six sweat-inducing, endorphin-boosting workouts and mindfulness sessions in the Will Smith: StrongWill curriculum are now available. From room-shaking workouts to smooth stress-relief techniques, Premium members can now virtually work with Will and his trainers to get their minds and bodies strong. 

Fitbit is inviting you to join in prioritizing your holistic health — from physical fitness to better sleep habits and maintaining mental wellness. Will’s own drive to get in the best shape of his life was inspired by a desire to improve his overall wellbeing, and the StrongWill collection focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of strength.

As he mentioned on social media, “I spent countless days grazing on snacks and didn’t feel my best physically,” he said. ”I love my body, so I want to get my overall health and wellness back on track. To me, being in the ‘best shape of my life’ really means taking better care of my body.” 
No matter where you’re at in your wellness pursuit, the hardest part is getting started. Fitbit and Will are helping Premium users to reach goals with an approachable curriculum that fits into your life, enhances your routine and brings calorie-burning moves, form modifications, guided mindfulness and plenty of jokes from Will to keep the energy levels high.

Get motivated with Will’s trainers and join in a variety of guided sessions, exclusively within Fitbit Premium – no equipment or gym required:

  • Bodyweight Strength: Will Smith is no stranger to lifting weights, but sometimes even the Fresh Prince can’t make it to the gym. Join trainer Roz the Diva to learn strength building techniques you can do without much equipment and explore one of Will’s favorite exercises.
  • Core Challenge: To achieve the freshest fitness goals, start with your core, since that’s where peak performance is “born and raised.” Join trainer Jahdy to explore Will’s favorite techniques to strengthen, engage and stretch your core.
  • Find Your Center: Will Smith always makes this clear: when training your body, it’s just as important to train your mind. Join trainer Faith Hunter on a mindful look inward to hone your mental fitness with deep breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Mobility Flow Yoga: Yoga has been key to Will’s fitness success. Follow trainer Hiro Landazuri through a progressive mobility yoga flow to work your dexterity, flexibility and stability. Namaste! 
  • Let’s Go Cardio!: In this workout, trainer Maya Monza takes you from warmup, through 10 cardio-intensive exercises, to cool down without skipping a beat. Have some water and a towel ready, because elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat is what it’s all about. Like Will says, “Let’s turn this furnace on!”
  • Upper Body HIIT: The faster the better: Trainer Bianca G delivers a high-energy, high intensity interval training workout focused on the upper body and core to burn calories, gain endurance and build muscle fast.

While he has been working on his wellness, Will is beginning to wear Fitbit’s newest and most advanced tracker, Charge 5, which complements his regimen, reminds him to keep moving and also helps him to manage stress and his mental wellbeing.

Follow Fitbit on social for more updates on Will’s wellness efforts and stay tuned for more StrongWill collections coming to Fitbit Premium in 2022 for truly “fresh” ways to continue growing stronger. For more inspiration and guidance about fitness, nutrition, health and wellness, read more on the Fitbit blog.

2. Eat more plant-based food.

LifeFood products are derived from natural sources like Turmeric (top, left) and Astaxanthin, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants that can reduce the size of wrinkles and improve skin micro texture (lower left). Puritan’s Pride encourages everyone to give the gift of health by sending loved ones their holiday bundles, which are all available at Lazada and Shopee (right).

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For many of us, the past year and a half has been equal parts challenging and rewarding – with shifting priorities and new self-discoveries. The important thing is finding the drive and motivation to keep doing and achieving more, and living life well and to the fullest. 

Life Talks hosted by Boy Abunda, features actress and mom of five Ina Raymundo who has managed a wonderful balance between taking care of herself while handling all her responsibilities at work and home; TV personality and new dad Migs Bustos whose foray into parenthood has changed his perception of life and health for the better; and beauty queen and educator Ayn Bernos who thinks it’s never too early to take one’s health seriously. Internal medicine specialist and functional medicine practitioner Eca Lorenzo, MD, FPCP rounds up the panel for the virtual catch-up to offer useful information, expert guidance, and practical advice. 

LifeFood brings together these inspiring people to share their experiences and insights that’s led them to live their best life, and answer the question Paano magiging buhay na buhay ang buhay? as it launches the newest comprehensive line of condition-specific natural food supplements. With health being a major priority for Filipinos no matter what age, LifeFood is making its line of natural food supplements available to the public. Lifefood is the food supplements brand of Synnovate Pharma Corporation, the naturals division of Unilab. 

Supporting specific health needs such as maintaining cholesterol levels or hormonal balance, and helping with inflammation and pain or skin and eye health, the new brand aims to address specific conditions that may be affecting how we perform every day, and even have long-term impact on our overall wellness.     

What’s great about LifeFood is that its products are derived from natural sources like plants or marine life, meaning, the key ingredients or active components are naturally-occurring. And what sets it apart is that its products use branded or trademark-protected ingredients that are backed by clinical research to prove their efficacy. 

“We’ve especially curated our first line products to address the common health conditions of Filipinos,” said Abi Nepomuceno, Synnovate Director and Business Unit Head. “LifeFood has carefully chosen the most potent, most studied, and the highest quality ingredients to ensure that consumers get all the value and benefits each of these products provide.”

Currently, the brand has six kinds of natural food supplements. There’s Curcumin, which can be used for managing general inflammation to help address osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and help provide short-term pain relief for joint and back pains. LifeFood Curcumin features Meriva that makes it 29x more bioavailable. Sytrinol that helps lower total cholesterol without the toxic side effects of commonly prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs. 

Astaxanthin is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants that can reduce the size of wrinkles and improve skin micro texture. It contains strong anti-aging molecules that are 500 times stronger than Vitamin E and 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C. LifeFood Astaxanthin has the highest dosage at 12mg, studied to be the most effective as a support in preventing skin aging. Injuv contains a clinically-proven low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that makes it easily absorbed for younger-looking, well-moisturized skin to provide better skin hydration and elasticity. It can also be taken by those who need to hydrate joints and other connective tissues. 

Tonalin CLA is a great choice for those who are looking for a natural weight management supplement. Combined with a balanced diet and exercise, it can help reduce up to 9{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} of body fat and increase the body’s total lean muscle mass. 

A go-to women’s health supplement, Evening Primrose Oil is a natural source of omega-6 that aids in hormonal balance. It can improve skin health, naturally address PMS symptoms, address breast pain, and help with menopause. 

These natural supplements are also standardized and undergo stringent product testing following pharma standards, so consumers are assured that they are taking supplements that are not only safe, but also effective in addressing the specific concerns that they have.

A good life is a full and healthy one, and LifeFood aims to help Filipinos achieve that. As Nepomuceno says, “Sana matulungan namin sila na mas maging buhay na buhay ang kanilang buhay.”  

Get to know more about LifeFood at lifefood.com.ph.     

It has been proven in numerous studies that consumption of more fruits and vegetables contribute to a healthier body.

“In essence, this meal plan emphasizes whole food, unprocessed to minimally processed food. The idea is also to include more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts, with minimal consumption of animal products,” she noted.

As we approach the second festive season in quarantine, leading US health supplement brand Puritan’s Pride encourages us to inspire those in our circles or communities to do the same. More importantly, it aims to inspire people and refresh people’s mindsets so they can think healthy.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, Puritan’s Pride encourages everyone to give the gift of health by sending loved ones their holiday bundles, which are all available at Lazada and Shopee. These bundles demonstrate its efforts to promote a healthier Philippines, paying attention to people’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

In these stressful times, Puritan’s Pride’s Immunity Pack is a good way to check in on loved ones and encourage them to stay in good shape. This bundle includes Vitamin C-500 mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips, Vitamin D3 400 IU, and Zinc Gluconate Chelated 25mg. Vitamin C strengthens the immune function, while bioflavonoids and rose hips have skin anti-aging properties. Vitamin D3, a commonly missed vitamin, supports bone health and is essential for optimal health.  Zinc, meanwhile, fights bacteria and viruses and assists in the proper functioning of insulin, while promoting healthy skin, vision, and smell. 

Equally compelling are the Immunity Pack A and Melatonin, available through Shopee on 11.11 for 17{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} off and 30{b574a629d83ad7698d9c0ca2d3a10ad895e8e51aa97c347fc42e9508f0e4325d} off respectively. The Immunity Pack A offers all the health benefits of Vitamin C-500 mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips and Zinc Gluconate Chelated 25mg, while Melatonin helps regulate sleep and protects the body by strengthening immunity through T-cells, a special kind of white blood cells.  

Indeed, there’s no better way to check in on your friends and show you care this holiday season than by sharing the gift of good health. 

3. Fuel up with more fluids.

“Cranberry juice can provide an instant energy boost because it contains readily absorbable simple carbohydrates. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This helps combat oxidative stress. Studies have shown that cranberries in the form of fruit or fruit juice have been considered as having benefits beyond basic nutrition or considered a functional food that may help with UTI  prevention and as an adjunct to treatment,” said Que.

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Que stressed the importance of fueling the body with food and fluids to maximize the results of workout and exercise.

“If you want your body to perform at its best, it’s going to need fuel. Carbohydrates supply the body with the energy it needs to enable you to maximize your workout. Combining carbohydrate and protein after a sweat session replenishes glycogen stores, repair and build muscles,”

If one only has five to 10 minutes before exercise, try gulping on cranberry juice.

“Cranberry juice can provide an instant energy boost because it contains readily absorbable simple carbohydrates. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This helps combat oxidative stress. Studies have shown that cranberries in the form of fruit or fruit juice have been considered as having benefits beyond basic nutrition or considered a functional food that may help with UTI  prevention and as an adjunct to treatment,” said Que.

Old Orchard Cranberry Juice is available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.  

5. Manage the mind and emotions.

This composite by Philstar.com shows K-pop superstar Krystal Jung (left), the official face for AHC’s skincare range (right, bottom). Perfumes such as the new Guess Bella Vita (top, right) can also instantly lift one’s mood and spirit.

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There have been several news and studies that suggested depression and anxiety have been on the rise since the pandemic.

“The body affects the mind and the mind affects the body, that’s why paying attention to our mental health is a crucial step,” Que noted.

To counter this, one can do yoga and pilates. “Aside from leaving you sweaty and centered, yoga helps in becoming more present, mindful, and calm. Doing pilates provides a distraction from negative thoughts, releasing stress, and enhancing mindfulness,” she said.

These low-impact exercises help improve the mood and balance brain chemicals namely serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.

On a similar note, meditation, journaling, coloring, cooking, gardening, or other related activities help in coping with anxiety, anger, and even depression.

“Remember that chronic stress not only impairs the immune system, it can also make us more susceptible to infections and other illnesses when left unmanaged,” Que warned.

Scents, such as the new Guess Bella Vita, can instantly lift one’s mood and spirit.

Rustan Marketing Corporation (RMK) is delighted to bring the Guess Bella Vita collection, a sensual fragrance with a floral heart rounded out with a warm blend of woods and musks.

Guess Bella Vita celebrates the allure in the personality of the Guess woman. This fruity-floral fragrance opens with playful and vibrant notes of zesty Italian lemon, juicy cassis, and luscious black cherries. The sensual side of the Guess woman is expressed through a velvety white floral heart composed of jasmine, tuberose and vanilla orchid. A warm blend of amberwood, tonka bean, praline and fluffy musks creates a sweet and unforgettable trail.

With days getting more and more complicated, treating yourself to a moment of self-care every day is essential to maintain a healthy and youthful skin. AHC believes that an aesthetic spa experience should not be confined to expensive, high-end establishments. Every combination of AHC products promise to deliver results that equal those of Korea’s coveted treatments.

Curated by Korean star and AHC ambassador Krystal Jung, AHC’s Eye Cream for Face is bundled with other products to deliver hydrating, brightening and anti-aging results. The products are available via the brand’s official Lazada store.

6. Always care for your eyes


Actor Ken Chan knows better than to let this pandemic slow him down. After wrapping up the top-rated drama, “Ang Dalawang Ikaw,” the busy Kapuso star is now venturing into the reality show territory, co-hosting the singing competition “The Clash.”

In the middle of all the lock-in tapings and incessant swab testing, how does Ken keep his physical and mental health in check?

“Regular workouts and a religious self-care routine,” he said. As the newest endorser of global brand Eye Mo’s newest formula Daily Care, the young actor admits to advocating daily eye care as part of his self-care strategies.

“As actors, we convey our emotions through our eyes, so I make sure that my eyes are always in tip-top shape,” said Ken. “Daily care is important to me not just for good hygiene, but also for good eye health and better eye protection in this pandemic. I always make sure that I pamper my eyes, and give them the care they deserve.”

A trusted global brand of eye drops and the country’s leading eye care solution, Eye Mo recently launched Daily Care to clean eyes from irritants such as smoke, pollution, dirt, and unseen particles. At the same time, it relieves itchiness. This new variant completes the brand’s tri-care formula alongside market leaders Eye Mo Red for red eyes irritation, and Moist for dry eyes. 

Ken has been a long-time brand user, keeping all three variants at a ready on shoots, lock-in tapings, and even on ordinary activities such as running or doing the groceries. His new favorite is Daily Care, which he uses everyday: at home as he rests his eyes from using contact lenses, or during tapings to free his eyes from irritants. He also admits to keeping Red and Moist in his bag at all times.

Ken encourages daily eye care. “Even something as ordinary as going to the bank, commuting, or meeting new people could lead to possible contamination. Touching our face or eyes is almost second nature to us. It’s always best to have an eye drop handy for good measure.”

Using Daily Care, now available at leading drugstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide, is part of his new normal, said Ken. It is one of the good health habits he has picked up from this pandemic, after facing the threat of exposure to different people on set. For Ken, eye drops are a must-have. And eye rubbing? An absolute no-no. 

“Using eye drops is now part of my daily routine, just like washing my face or working out. I use it to prevent eye irritation. I like to pamper my eyes so I treat them well.” 

The brand’s parent company Combiphar is pleased to welcome Ken onboard. “We are happy to have Ken as part of the Eye Mo family. His advocacy on eye care and eye health is aligned with our values as a global company. With his influence, he can share our purpose to a bigger audience,” said Weitarsa Hendarto, Senior Vice President for Marketing & International Operations of Combiphar.

7. Maintain a healthy cleaning habit.

Domex, a germ-killing brand, encourages the public to revisit some cleaning methods to make sure every toilet of every home is protected from unwanted invaders.

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Since the pandemic started, most households are cleaning more often to disinfect every corner of the house. That’s not a bad thing: a clean home creates less space for disease-causing germs to spread and most likely infect you. Take note: bacteria can breed and grow into 8 million copies of itself in just 24 hours. That is something you do not just overlook.

According to a survey, it takes around two to four hours a week for an individual to clean their homes. However, some ineffective cleaning habits can further spread more unwanted organisms in places where they shouldn’t be.

Domex, a germ-killing brand, encourages the public to revisit some cleaning methods to make sure every toilet of every home is protected from unwanted invaders:

  • Wiping every surface with the same cleaning tool: If you are using sponges or cleaning cloths to wipe surfaces, you’re probably just transferring even more germs from one place to another. It’s best to dedicate a cleaning tool for specific places to ensure there’s less risk of transferring.

Alternatively, before cleaning the next area with the same tool, it’s advisable to soak sponges/cleaning cloths in disinfectant. This kills the germs you already wiped off before they even get the chance to transfer elsewhere.

  • Leaving the toilet cover up when flushing the toilet: Did you know that there are approximately 2.3 million germs per square inch on the surface of your toilet? What you probably didn’t know is you might be adding more to that number every time you flush your toilet with the seat cover open. The rush of water launches fecal bacteria (E. Coli and fecal coliform) up in the air before dropping down to new territory – and that’s if it does not get stuck under the rim of the seat.

Next time you do some business, just make sure to close the lid and the rest of the bathroom stays germ-free longer – and do not forget to pour in a germ-killing expert when it’s cleaning time.

  • Scrubbing/wiping cleaning products before they take effect: When disinfecting surfaces, it’s important to let cleaning solutions take time and do its job, mainly: to kill the germs we want to avoid. But what most probably do is to apply products, and then immediately proceed to cleaning.

The best way to make sure you make the most out of cleaning is to first clear any dirt, debris, or stains that might have built up over time. Once clear, that’s the time to apply a disinfecting agent to eliminate the microbes that you cannot see. After a few minutes, proceed with scrubbing, wiping, and rinsing for a squeaky-clean and germ-free surface.

  • Using ordinary thin laundry bleach to clean surfaces in your bathroom including the toilet: Laundry or thin laundry bleach can kill germs; however, this type of cleaning agent is not formulated to stick on the surface to keep it clean longer. That is why it is not advisable to clean your toilet with the same solution you use to clean clothes.

Domex Ultra Thick Bleach, available on Shopee, Lazada and supermarkets nationwide, claims to effectively do the job as it eliminates the germs that inhabit bathroom surfaces and gives three times longer protection than thin bleach when used pure (based on lab tests).

  • Storing cleaning tools as soon as you’re done: After the job is done, most people will probably call it a day and put their tools back in storage. What is often forgotten is you should also clean these tools as soon as you’re done with them. If you don’t clean the tools right after using them, it’s likely to grow the germs you’re trying to avoid in the first place.

The recommended way to clean tools is to apply a solution of Domex mixed with water, wait a few minutes, rinse, and let dry overnight. Use it again to clean the following day and repeat the cleaning process. — With reports from Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo

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