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Public Health Tips to Enjoy Healthy Thanksgiving

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Public Health Tips to Enjoy Healthy Thanksgiving

Nov. 15, 2022 (Astoria, OR) — Clatsop County has set collectively guidelines to hold your self and liked types healthier this Thanksgiving year.

“We want to make certain you and your liked types are harmless, happy, and healthier for the duration of the holiday getaway period,” explained Lucas Marshall, environmental wellness supervisor.

Avoid Food items Poisoning All through the Holidays

Having fun with food items with family and buddies is 1 of the highlights of the holiday break year. Easy, protected food items managing procedures enable defend everyone from acquiring unwell whilst experiencing foods.

Observe these guidelines to aid stop foodstuff poisoning in the course of the holiday seasons.

  • Clean your fingers.
  • Meat, hen, turkey, seafood, and eggs can carry microbes these as Salmonella and E Coli.  Use a meals thermometer to assure these foods have been cooked to a safe internal temperature.
  • Microbes can increase quickly in the “danger zone” concerning 40°F and 140°F.  Keep sizzling foods hot and chilly meals chilly. Refrigerate or freeze any perishable foods inside 2 several hours.
  • Quite a few getaway favorites incorporate raw eggs, which include eggnog, tiramisu and hollandaise sauce.  Always use pasteurized eggs when producing foods with uncooked eggs.
  • Do not style or take in raw dough or batter that is intended to be baked or cooked.
  • Thaw turkey in the refrigerator, in a sink of chilly water (improve the drinking water just about every 30 minutes) or in the microwave. Keep away from thawing foods on the counter.


Hot tub security ideas

People usually travel for the duration of the holidays and take time to unwind. If investing time in a warm tub is section of your ideas, there are some items for you to know.

Ailment from handled pools and warm tubs was connected to far more than 27,000 bacterial infections and eight fatalities in the United States amongst 2000-2014.

When very hot tubs are not preserved nicely, their moist atmosphere is the excellent breeding ground for microbes. Scorching tub consumers can get excess steps to assist in guarding by themselves and their people.

Warm tub principles for protected and healthier use.

  • Do not enter a scorching tub when you have diarrhea or are ill.
  • Do not swallow sizzling tub drinking water or even get it into your mouth. If you do, spit it out.
  • Shower or bathe with soap right before getting into the hot tub.
  • Do not let small children much less than 5 many years of age use warm tubs.
  • If pregnant, talk to a medical professional right before scorching tub use.


Right before Finding into a hot tub, look at the subsequent:

  • A well-chlorinated hot tub has incredibly little odor. A sturdy chemical smell signifies a upkeep challenge.
  • Incredibly hot tub gear makes sounds and you really should hear pumps and filters functioning.
  • Warm tub water temperature should really not exceed 104°F.
  • Exam for hot tub water high quality using hot tub exam strips.


Clatsop County Environmental Health and fitness suggests examining regional pool/spa inspection studies prior to your check out.

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