April 25, 2024

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The Best Fitness Awards of 2022

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fitness awards 2022

Danielle Daly

It’s time to get more WFH — workouts from home! — on the calendar. Creating a safe and efficient space in your home is easier with your trusted Good Housekeeping Institute pros providing you with everything you need for your home gym. Even if you plan on returning to the health club, our expert picks and tips will set you up for peak fitness in 2022. The following selection offers something for everyone, whether you’re hoping to jumpstart a new 2022 goal, solidify an existing workout regime or up the ante with some new large-scale equipment picks.

The second annual Good Housekeeping Institute Fitness Awards are proof-positive that this product category, as much as any we cover, keeps getting better and better. Testing the latest running shoes, for example, with their cushioned heels and lightweight design, our experts couldn’t help but recall the chunky, flat-soled forerunners from decades past. Or consider interactive fitness apps, which only recently burst onto the scene, but have already transformed how we work out at home. The same way many people are leading longer, healthier lives, fitness equipment is on a steady path of improvement, often with advanced technology that gives users personalized feedback in real time.

That’s not to say every new piece of equipment that hits the market deserves a place in your exercise plan. And of course, personal fitness is not a one-size-fits-all category. But as you look to take your health to new heights in 2022, this is the gear that our experts say stands to give you the biggest lift.

How We Tested

As part of GH’s annual Fitness Awards, our product pros and consumer testers put the latest gear through its paces to find the best of the best. The Good Housekeeping Institute has a host of product and wellness experts, ranging from in-house registered dietitians, certified personal trainers and instructors, fiber scientists, mechanical engineers and more. When we vet fitness and nutrition items we look at them comprehensively. They have to deliver on what they’re intended to, but also make sense in our reader’s busy lives. We strive to deliver products that perform well, but also engage and delight to the user. To that end, for our awards program we also enlisted the support of consumer testers, helping us assess how easy the products are to set up and use, and whether they offer improvement to their lives. After getting hands on with well over a hundred products and thousands of data points collected, we feel confident this list will provide you with the right tools and advice to power you through your 2022 workouts happily and efficiently.

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