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The Downside of Kamini: Drug Contains morphine and can result in dependency

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The Downside of Kamini: Drug Contains morphine and can result in dependency

Brisbane drug and alcohol treatment program reported that 12 men sought its assistance because they were unable to quit using the herbal remedy, Kamini. Twelve other individuals in Melbourne sought assistance after becoming addicted to opioids from using the herbal drug, which is typically illegally imported from India.

People who routinely use Kamini Vidrawan Ras develop drug dependency since it includes opium in addition to other plant and mineral components. Opium is a plant product that is processed to generate heroin, morphine, and other prescribed and illicit pharmaceuticals. Ayurvedic doctors recommend it under the names Kamini, Kamini balls, and Indian Viagra to treat impotence, early ejaculation, and erection issues in males.

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Traditional Indian medicine, or Ayurveda, treats illnesses holistically. To increase wellness, herbal, mineral, and animal products are advised, along with modifications to diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Many Kamini users probably aren’t aware that it includes opium and aren’t aware of the dangers of continued usage.

Different doses of morphine

Kamini is offered for sale in bottles containing ingestible spherical handcrafted pellets. Barshasha, a comparable substance, is offered as a paste. The opium disintegrates into the “natural opiates” morphine, codeine, and thebaine (a “paramorphine”) after digestion. A single tablet of Kamini contains between 4% and 21% of the product’s total morphine content, according to chemical tests.

Because opium and other comparable substances activate the brain’s reward centers and produce strong emotions of pleasure and relaxation, they can encourage recurrent usage.

As a person develops a tolerance to the medication, these potent effects gradually become less noticeable. Therefore, it takes more medication to have the same effects.

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When a person ceases using a substance after developing a tolerance to it, they go through withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms might be physical, such sweating, vomiting, and muscular cramping, or psychological, including anxiety and drug cravings.

People who use Kamini have spoken about their tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. One tablet per day is often the starting dose, which is quickly raised to 25–30 pills per day or one bottle to get the desired initial impact. A financial burden develops from everyday use at a cost of $70-100 each bottle.

It’s unlikely to keep anyone awake.

People have used Kamini for sexual issues as well as to try to remain awake at work. Southeast Asian males used Kamini, according to a 2016 SBS television investigation, to help them get through lengthy shifts. The transportation sector employed many people. They claimed to have purchased Kamini from Asian grocers all around Australia without a doctor’s prescription or close supervision. Kamini’s original reputation as a vitality enhancer led to the misconception that it will keep you awake. While stimulants speed up the neurological system, opium drugs have the reverse effect, slowing it down.

How to stop relying on Kamini

Kamini dependence can be successfully treated with drugs like buprenorphine and supportive therapy. Problems with health, jobs, relationships, and income can result from drug addiction. State health agencies, helplines, and other resources are available for free, confidential assistance if you are having issues with Kamini or any other medicine.

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