June 16, 2024

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Healthy Kids Start Here with Bob-a-loo

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From Ruth Habrecht, 5 Healthy Towns

The rates of childhood obesity as well as mental health concerns have been steadily rising over the past decade. Recent studies indicate soaring rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Young children have had limited opportunity to restore and build healthy emotional behaviors or release tension through nurturing physical activities. As a result, their emotional struggles are manifested in troubling behaviors such as inability to focus, emotional outbursts, lack of self-confidence, and social withdrawal.

You can play a role in the outcome of a child’s health.

It is easy to say, “What I do won’t make a difference.” In reality, even the smallest effort when combined with others can make all the difference in the world! From the children, right there in your household, to those thousands of miles away, we have the ability and the responsibility to lead them toward a life of wellbeing.

Bob-a-loo has a proven track record of improving healthy behaviors in young children.

We have been running, evolving, and conducting research on the Bob-a-loo adventure-based learning program for seven years. Our research demonstrates that the program helps build a child’s confidence, improves their physical abilities, and creates excitement around healthy eating and activity.

Bob-a-loo connects children to each other, to their families, and to the excitement of adventure. So often, opportunities to grow and develop in healthy ways are either unavailable, inaccessible, or people are simply unaware of them.

“I am super impressed with Bob-a-loo! It involves learning and physical activity all rolled up into one amazing program. My daughter loved “becoming” the animals and learned more when she played the roles. The immersive aspect is very effective.” ~ Tracey Riley– Mom and Occupational Therapist

“We absolutely love Bob-a-loo! It is the perfect program for my active 3-year-old son. He talked about it constantly and was super excited on Bob-a-loo days. He looked forward to new challenges and I watched his confidence grow every day.” ~ Arlene Tefft

Bob-a-loo is an innovative adventure-based movement program that incorporates mimicry of wild animals to positively influence physical activity, sedentary behavior, and nutritional choices. It is the first program of its kind to leverage humankind’s innate connection to animals in order to improve wellbeing in young children.

We have extraordinary goals with an extraordinary mission: to improve the lives of children at the most impressionistic time in their lives, 2-5 years of age. Now, more now than ever, is the time to help children.

To learn more and support preschool children through our Indiegogo campaign please visit: https://igg.me/at/bobalooforhealthykids/emal/15425406

Photos: 5 Healthy Towns

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